About Us

    “The goal of Rockway Surfaces, Inc. is to give our clients the best value based on their individual
    needs by using the highest quality products available, our extensive knowledge and attention to detail.
    We take great pride in our work and on creating long lasting business relations.”

    "Our history brings us back to the early 1990’s when John and Bruce (separate entities) were working
    as flooring installers and sub-contractors installing various types of floor coverings for local floor
    stores, most at which we are still doing business with today.

    Fast forward to 2006. At the request of one of the floor stores, they were trained and certified by a
    national distributor of a product known as “Rock Carpet” aka Epoxy/Stone flooring."

    "Every dollar made was reinvested back into the company that John and Bruce were trying to create
    by adding equipment and tools and also expanding their knowledge with training and certifications on
    various other types of decorative concrete floors and coatings."

    "Rockway Surfaces prides itself on having a competitive drive, a qualified installation team and
    knowledge of the most current trends in the flooring and decorative concrete flooring industries by
    continuing education and a vast network of vendors and industry contacts."

    "We will continue to grow our knowledge, capabilities, and client base by always taking pride in what
    we do and by our final destination of pleasing our clients and customers to the highest standards."