Frequently Asked Questions

What Sets Rockway Surfaces Apart?

1. We are locally owned, operated and employed. 2. We have a high attention to detail and take great pride in our work. 3. We are not only the owners – we are also part of the crew. 4. We feel it is important to use the highest quality materials to give our customers the best value, not necessarily the cheapest price. Quality is our first priority. 5. Continuing education keeps us up to date on the most advanced systems available.

Does Rockway Surfaces pour new concrete?

No. We only install decorative concrete overlays that go over your existing concrete. Picture it as a new floor for your old, worn out, plain concrete.

My concrete has a lot of cracks, can they be fixed?

Yes and No. Concrete cracks for a reason whether it’s an improper sub-base or the forces of mother nature which are beyond our control. Minnesota is a harsh climate on concrete because of the freeze/thaw cycles and our roads are proof if this. We have helped customers that had situations of cracked or severely deteriorated concrete patios that had no access for demo equipment because of landscaping and had extra expenses of needing a pumper truck because of the steep incline or decline of the terrain by epoxy mortar filling and doing a decorative overlay and saving them over $20,000 in the process. However, we simply cannot guarantee it will never crack again. If you have cracks in your garage or interior floor and we are doing an epoxy coating there are products that can offer substantially better results.

What Is a Rock / Epoxy Overlay?

A rock overlay (aka epoxy/stone, rock carpet) is either river rock, quartz, granite, crushed glass, or a combination of these items, mixed with a high-quality epoxy and troweled on approximately 1/2 inch thick.

What is a decorative concrete overlay?

A Decorative Concrete Overlay is a polymer modified cementitious coating that is used for resurfacing structural concrete for purposes of “spalling” repair or simply beautifying ugly concrete without having the destruction and expense of having to tear-out and replace your existing concrete.. In a nutshell it turns your existing boring concrete slab into a beautiful work of art.

What does a concrete overlay look like?

Pretty much anything you want it to look like. There are 3 main types of overlays, Spray textures (sand paper type finish), Trowel textures (knock-down or “Tuscan trowel”) and Stamped overlays (approx. 1/4” thick stamp textured and hand carved or cut patterns)The patterns and colors are virtually endless and limited only by your imagination. It can be a tough decision on what to choose, however we are more than happy to give suggestions to help you choose.
Please take a moment and review our Photo Gallery of Concrete Overlay's.

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